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    Shorten and Cloak URLs

    Shorten long URLs or hide the location of your files by redirecting users from one URL to another.
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A very useful and powerful web application to redirect people depending on their country. Every country can have a different redirection rule for every page of your site. It comes with the complete source code and features IP banning, multiple redirection rules, geo-IP database importer and updater, a simple installer and more.

  • $29

Redirect users depending on their country. It allows you to keep watch over and handle incoming site visitors. The Lite version only allows you to redirect to one page per country.

  • $9

A script that can determine which country an IP address belongs to, redirect to the proper page, and display the name and flag of the appropriate country.

  • Free

A redirection script that can foward by frames, refreshing or loading the page externally. This script will load the page and output the direct headers and HTML content. It will also foward form content. This script will allow hosts without DNS information to act as if they had.

  • Free

Complete web-based software that allows you to redirect/restrict traffic based on the visitor's country of origin. This allows webmasters to promote their services and products in different countries where they have specific distribution and service capabilities in different countries.

  • $49.95

This URL management script features an easy installation process, and automatic and manual URL shortening, tracking, domain whois, Google Ads stripper, API for anonymous URL access, and more.

  • Free

You can use this script for a traffic reseller service, to resell traffic from your domains to your customers, or to redirect traffic from your domains to your other domains.

  • $25

Redirect your traffic the way you see fit. Filter visitors based on IP, IP-range, country, language, browser, referer or any combination. Includes a weekly updated IP-to-country database to ensure you have the most up-to-date country information.

  • $79

Create your own subdomain redirection service. Give your website's visitors a piece of your domain name by allowing them to have anything.yourname.com redirected to their own website. Supports multiple domains, a complete admin area, extensive configuration options and more.

  • Free

Create personalized URLs (PURLs), Response URLs (RURLs) and personalized landing pages using this integrated marketing software for direct mail, email and web. Simply upload your list of names, create a template, marry the two together under a campaign and you are ready to run.

  • Free
  • Commercial

This script lets you first detect then redirect either all mobile phones to a different URL or you can choose to only redirect iPhones, Android devices or Opera Mini browsers through to web addresses better served to suit the small screen.

  • Free
  • $20

This script detects a user's preferred language and redirects to a specified target. Specify up to ten languages and set a default language. Includes a full setup script.

  • Free

This script allows you to run your own link anonymizer service. Webmasters can use this tool from your website to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as a referrer.

  • $24.90

Offer your users a free subdomain. It features quick installation, clean admin interface, easy signup for your users, built in hitcounter, and a built in newsletter.

  • Free
Showing 1-14 of 14 Resources