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    Simple Access Control

    Password protect your web site or particular pages without the hassle of large membership systems.
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Password protect and control access to HTML or PHP pages within your website. Separate your site into members only areas. Each user can be a member of multiple areas. New users can be added either manually via an admin panel, via user registration forms, from a PHP script using the Sitelok API or via a free Paypal Payment Module.

  • $39.95

A flexible user management script that supports PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, PayFlow Link, Authorize.Net and Revecom and allows you to setup paid or unpaid membership areas. Supports multiple subscription plans with different levels of access, pricing and time periods.

  • $139.95

An unencrypted software solution to control access to content on your website. It is equipped with a fully integrated shopping cart for "hands-free" sales and delivery of digital content and physical items. The program automates content access, expiration and follow-ups, and can be used by organizations to plan events.

  • $499
  • $999
  • $1499
  • $49/mo

A powerful, customizable, fully featured user management system which protects web directories and documents using Apache's htaccess and htpasswd. It features email verification and admin approval capabilities.

  • Free

Membership management software with e-commerce integration, affiliate system, helpdesk, digital file delivery, content management and online shop.

  • $129

A reliable all-in-one password protector and user authentication script. It gives 100% strong web password protection and user management. It is easy to install and use.

  • $29.95

Visitors can login or register a new account with this software. It is very easy to install or customize to meet your needs. You can add it to your pages with one link. Includes a confirmation email upon user registration.

  • Free

A user management system designed to help you create your membership website in minutes. It protects your web content and supports unlimited members and groups. Easily integrate it with third party systems. It's template-based to easily change the style, and provides customizable forms to collect user information and control access.

  • $149

This program creates a login area. Make one link to the registration form and ALADIN will register the user, collect user data, and send and receive email confirmation. It includes a web-based graphical admin interface with visual folders password protection.

A combination of features for protecting web directories, managing members of your website and customizing the interface, system messages, email templates and more.

  • $59.95
  • $99.95
  • $139.95

This module allows you to secure pages at your site with a login and password. Handles multiple groups of users and data can be stored in a MySQL database or a configuration file. Includes multi-language use and is free for non-commercial use.

  • Free

A complete solution to secure the content of a website. It is easy to install and easy to use. Supports payment through PayPal.

  • $47

A simple login for multiple users that requires you to enter the correct username and password.

  • Free

This script allows an admin to easily manage user accounts, create membership protected areas and limit user access to secured areas. The admin can create user accounts and secured access areas, activate/deactivate user accounts, send mass email and more.

  • $79

This membership system features registration, forgotten password retrieval, login, profile, account deletion, mailing list, limited file/folder access, user subscriptions, PayPal and 2Checkout payment processing, easy implementation and documentation, easy automatic installation, add/edit/remove users and profile fields, and more.

  • Free

A simple, open source users management module. Users can register, edit their information and password or find their lost password. Admin can search, delete or browse users' information. This program can be internationalized easily. A friendly interface and install system is available.

  • Free

With this tool the user can become a registered user of your site/newsletter. Add new registrations, manage them and send mail to users.

  • $25

This software automates the entire sales process, including signup and delivery; common member orientated tasks such as retrieving a lost password, updating a profile and changing a password; supports single signup and "single sign on" with WordPress, Drupal, and more; provides an event driven API; and more.

  • $150
  • $999

This system displays user information on login and online users. It allows users to change their details and it can use cookies. Each file contains a documented header.

  • Free

A member manager easy enough for beginners to get up and running quickly and powerful enough for advanced users to set up their membership site exactly how they want.

  • $299

This script helps admin a website's .htaccess protection. It includes a sign-up form, forgotten password form, and an admin form to modify and delete users. You can choose email activation and it supports both encrypted and plaintext passwords.

  • Free

Designed to be easy-to-use, this package allows you to set up your own member sections, compulsory for users to sign up. This version includes a form with standard fields, lock functionality, login/logoff, and MD5 security encryption. You can monitor the last login and join date of a user, and suspend and delete user accounts.

  • $28

A simple user login system which stores user registration information in a flat file instead of MySQL database. It is easy to install and change the design via CSS. The package contains login, logout and registration forms as well. An integration example is included.

  • Free

Easily include a membership system on your site. Includes registration, edit profile, change password and admin tools.

  • Free

Create and protect pages in seconds, customize pages, and control every aspect of your site. This software tracks all members' activities, monitors visitors and members, allows you to create and sell subscriptions, is integrated with PayPal, is skinnable, supports language customization, and features secure login and registration.

  • $199
  • $499
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