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A collection of 14 tutorials on Apache and PHP installation and configuration covering: How to download and install Apache 2.x and PHP 5; How to start Apache server; How to publish HTML documents; How to set PATH variable for PHP; How to create php.ini; How to configure Apache to use PHP as CGI; and more.

This tutorial will show you how to install PHP and MySQL on Windows Server 2003 64bit.

Use this tutorial to configure the Apache server to run the PHP engine as CGI to support PHP scripts.

In this article you'll learn how to install and configure PHP 5.2.11 on Windows Vista and IIS7 with the Fast-CGI protocol.

Build and setup PHP to run under the Apache web-server, for Windows and Linux.

This article explains the steps you need to follow to configure PHP and secure its correct operation.

This step by step tutorial is about installing PHP 5.2.4-Win32 on IIS 7, the new web server running on Vista 32 bit.

This tutorial will tell you how to install PHP 5.2.10-Win32 on Windows7 32 bit.

A three-part tutorial on installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on a machine with Windows Vista 32 bit.

This article briefly describes how to compile PHP with ORACLE 8i support.

This tutorial shows you how to install Apache, PHP and MySQL on your windows machine using WAMP5 package.

Showing 1-11 of 11 Resources